Truck ’n treat webdesign and UX design

I love projects where I can start from the bottom of a project. There is nothing else than an idea and I love to do research to discover the purspose of this idea. One of them was my thesis: For Art of Branding I created an platform to rent personalised food trucks. Because there was only an idea I layed my focus on User Experience Design. Later on I layed my focus on visual design during the creation of a Minimal Viable Product.

Design Challenge: “How can a website motivate event agencies to rent a food truck, which they can personalize?”

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The research

The requirement of the client is that the target audience exists of event agencies. They want a website to rent personalized food trucks. There is an option to contact their clients.

During the in-depth interviews with the target audience I discovered that event agencies want to surprise the clients with an original concept. But first they want to do some research before they contact the via the phone or email. The research exists of an impression of a personalized food truck through some client cases.

I used theories like Seductive Design and the Fogg Behavior Model. These theories, for example the seductive design principles, ensure that the interface attract the user. The seductive design principles I used are: Curiosity, limited choice, feedback loops, duration effects, visual imagery, sequencing, pattern recognition, contrast, recognition over recall and value attribution.

I did four lo-fi usability test to discover what triggers the event agency to rent a food truck via a website what their requirements are.

The product

Truck ’n Treat is a website where event agencies are able to rent personalized food trucks. They can get an impression to design in a few steps their own food truck through a wizard. Three standard options are customizable: roof board, door panel and the bottom panel. Eventually everything is possible. Therefore the client needs to contact the company because every project is customizable. The company discuss all the requirements with the client personally and designs the final food truck.

The wizard exists of a few steps so the company gets a clear overview. The event agency can check all the options and requirements he needs. To trigger the agency t finish the wizard and contact the company the wizard is easy to get through. With the seductive design principles the wizard is attractive because of photo’s of client cases and call-to-action buttons.

Hi-fi prototype screens (Check here the full prototype)

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